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Argentea was born to ease the world of payments, making it more retailer-centred. Our Mission embodies the purpose of our work: life is easier when collecting and sending out payments becomes simpler and more functional.

Large-Scale retail distribution, a firm or a web portal, all need to be able to rely on secure and rapid transactions, through highly technological and certified payment systems. This has been Argentea’s focus from the very first day.

Coban 405010 Microcircuito Protocollo CB2
Coban 405010 Microcircuito Protocollo CB2
9001:2009 (DNV)
UNI EN ISO 9001:2009 (DNV)
Argentea fa parte del Gruppo GPI

Banking institutions-independent

Tailor-made for Retailers

Our mission is to provide financial indipendence and the advantages of managing income to the retailers, who in turn provide the appropriate solution to their customers, customizing it on their professional needs.

We are a tech company, but also very pragmatic: we provide value-added services to our clients, offering acknowledged quality support in each single phase.

Argentea's multi-banking system

Argentea's solution for retailers and Large-Scale retail distribution

AMoney is the Argentea-developped suite made up of different modules which were specifically designed to meet the needs of retailers regarding the cashing in of electronic payments and value-added services.


AMoney allows you to choose which bank to send your revenue to, in each instance, thus reducing commission costs and better managing each bank’s terms.


AMoney integrates seamlessly with the main cash-register softwares nation-wide.


AMoney provides payments via smartphone and e-commerce gateway solutions, both safe and independent.


AMoney allows full control over income flows of the different retail stores, via web.


Would you like to promote new payment methods or use Gift Cards for your clients’ collector-schemes? AMoney offers highly customizable value-added services (VAS).


AMoney grants you a full-time assistance, 7 days a week, with complete step-by-step support.

The AMoney Suite

The retailer-dedicated multi-banking system

  • Choice of which bank to send your revenue to, in each instance
  • Real-time operations monitoring via web

Value-added services for your customers

  • Phone charge-cards
  • Payment trough paper lunch voucher
  • Filled-in postal forms

Your personal e-commerce “cash-register”.

  • Payment gateway ideal for web-based income sources
  • Visa, Mastercard standards and PCI requirements compliant

Smartphone and fidelity card driven payment system

  • Boosts sales and eases collector’s schemes for your clientele
  • Grants the full custmozability of fidelity cards

Cash in lunch vouchers for the Large-scale retail distribution

  • Lunch vouchers can be used as electronic currency
  • Cash in trough the cash-register integrated POS terminal

Proprietary Gift Card management

  • Gift cards can be used as payment currency
  • Based on Argentea’s Proprietary payment circuit

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