Simple payments, easier life

Argentea was born to ease the world of payments, making it more retailer-centred. Our Mission embodies the purpose of our work: life is easier when collecting and sending out payments becomes simpler and more functional.

Large-Scale retail distribution, a firm or a web portal, all need to be able to rely on secure and rapid transactions, through highly technological and certified payment systems. This has been Argentea’s focus from the very first day.

For Argentea, simplifying means...

Life gets easier, when pay and get paid gets easy and functional.
Both for our Customers and for final consumers.

Save Money
We develop customized products planned on the Customers’ needs and, at the same time, with a view to offering them a saving solution.

More our solutions can semplify our Customers’ life, more they will spare time and energy to focus on their business.

Coban 405010 Microcircuito Protocollo CB2
9001:2009 (DNV)

Banking institutions-independent

Tailor-made for Retailers

Our mission is to provide financial indipendence and the advantages of managing income to the retailers, who in turn provide the appropriate solution to their customers, customizing it on their professional needs.

We are a tech company, but also very pragmatic: we provide value-added services to our clients, offering acknowledged quality support in each single phase.

Argentea's multi-banking system


In the future of payments

The world of payments is constantly evolving: in addition to being updated on the latest trends, we think "out-of- the-box" to offer solutions that can bring real and perceived added value. For us, freedom means not to depend on anyone, with the exception of our customers, as well as to have the opportunity to open new roads.

Tailor-made solutions

Thanks to the Fit Program by Argentea, we are able to provide personalized solutions formulated according to the discrete needs of our customers and the markets in which they operate. Our commitment is to offer a tailor-made product: a challenge we meet thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the process and to a know-how honed over thirty years.

Short and timely answers

By continuously listening, and leveraging our thirty year experience, we are able to provide our Customers with consulting services that can quickly and efficiently inform and support them in their search for solutions. Our production chain is deliberately short, to ensure a quick supply of both product and service. Each customer is paired to a dedicated team consisting of Sales Manager + Project Manager + Customer Assistant.

Fast and safe transactions

It is crucial to be able to offer certified and technologically advanced payment systems. We have been working with this objective in mind, paying attention to the safety standards and regulations of each country, without compromising. For example, in Italy Argentea has been one of the first banking services centers to be awarded the Coban CB2 certification, which complies with the latest Bancomat Consortium regulations.

A strong group at your service

The fresh and “out-of- the-box” approach of a young team (average age is 32 years) meets the expert knowledge of our senior professionals. Energy and passion are our engine, at all levels. With the strength of being part of the GPI Group, one of the most important Italian companies in the ICT field.

We search…and research

Through ArgenteaLab, we have been investing in research and development projects for years to stay abreast of technology in our industry. Among our efforts there is a research project realized in partnership with the Department of Mathematics of the University of Trento.

Argentea's solution for retailers and Large-Scale retail distribution

AMoney is the Argentea-developped suite made up of different modules which were specifically designed to meet the needs of retailers regarding the cashing in of electronic payments and value-added services.


AMoney allows you to choose which bank to send your revenue to, in each instance, thus reducing commission costs and better managing each bank’s terms.


AMoney integrates seamlessly with the main cash-register softwares nation-wide.


AMoney provides payments via smartphone and e-commerce gateway solutions, both safe and independent.


AMoney allows full control over income flows of the different retail stores, via web.


Would you like to promote new payment methods or use Gift Cards for your clients’ collector-schemes? AMoney offers highly customizable value-added services (VAS).


AMoney grants you a full-time assistance, 7 days a week, with complete step-by-step support.

The AMoney Suite

The retailer-dedicated multi-banking system

  • Choice of which bank to send your revenue to, in each instance
  • Real-time operations monitoring via web

Smartphone and fidelity card driven payment system

  • Boosts sales and eases collector’s schemes for your clientele
  • Grants the full custmozability of fidelity cards

Your personal e-commerce “cash-register”.

  • Payment gateway ideal for web-based income sources
  • Visa, Mastercard standards and PCI requirements compliant

Advanced payment for restaurants and public facilities

  • It allows customers paying at the table via touch screen
  • Enhanced options for splitting a bill among diners

Value-added services for your customers

  • Phone charge-cards
  • Payment trough paper lunch voucher
  • Filled-in postal forms

Cash in lunch vouchers for the Large-scale retail distribution

  • Lunch vouchers can be used as electronic currency
  • Cash in trough the cash-register integrated POS terminal

Proprietary Gift Card management

  • Gift cards can be used as payment currency
  • Based on Argentea’s Proprietary payment circuit

Find out how easy it is to innovate with AMoney

AMoneyPAY is Argentea’s solution for Retailers who want to have full control in managing their electronic receipts. AMoneyPAY integrates with leading cash-management software and POS terminals, allowing to manage and independently monitor the incoming flows of all points of sale, and to forward them in a simple way to the banking institutions selected from time to time.

AMoneyPAY is customizable
to suit your needs

AMoneyPAY can be integrated
with other AMoney solutions

With AMoneyPAY,
you have 24/7 telephone support

With AMoneySMART, you can speed up your check-out phase by offering customers the opportunity to pay via your Smartphone and your store’s fidelity card. Retailers can also activate and offer innovative and customizable features, such as a monthly ceiling on payments and an alert to let the customer know that payment has taken place.

AMoneySMART is customizable
to suit your needs

AMoneySMART can be integrated
with other AMoney solutions

With AMoneySMART,
you have 24/7 telephone support

AMoneyWEB allows e-commerce website managers to have full control, independence, and high-level security over their online money collection.

AMoneyWEB is the ideal web “cash register”: it is a payment Gateway compliant with PCI requirements and with Visa and Mastercard standards for managing the acquisition and authenticity of credit card holders.

AMoneyWEB is customizable
to suit your needs

AMoneyWEB can be integrated
with other AMoney solutions

With AMoneyWEB,
you have 24/7 telephone support

AMoneySPLIT is an innovative solution to make the payment of your bill easier and more functional at restaurants and public facilities.
With AmoneySPLIT, customers can pay their bill comfortably seated at their table, through a convenient touch screen terminal, and can also easily split the bill among diners.

AMoneySPLIT is customizable
to suit your needs

AMoneySPLIT can be integrated
with other AMoney solutions

With AMoneySPLIT,
you have 24/7 telephone support

AMoneyVAS was born of Argentea’s multi-decade experience in the GDO sector and allows providing additional cash services at GDO’s points of sale, increasing offer range and turnover.
The AMoneyVAS modules allow you to:
– recharge your phone card (Pin Dispatching)
– do away with paper meal cards
– collect prepaid postal money orders

AMoneyVAS is customizable
to suit your needs

AMoneyVAS can be integrated
with other AMoney solutions

With AMoneyVAS,
you have 24/7 telephone support

AMoneyBPE offers you the chance to cash in electronic meal cards directly at the cash desk. Thanks to the integration with AMoneyPAY, payments with meal cards can be made directly via the POS installed at the cash desk, without the need to use multiple devices for the various Issuers.

AMoneyBPE is customizable
to suit your needs

AMoneyBPE can be integrated
with other AMoney solutions

With AMoneyBPE,
you have 24/7 telephone support

Gift cards are an increasingly popular consumer tool: AMoneyGIFT is the complete solution to activate and manage the gift cards issued by your store, and to allow customers using them as a payment instrument from POS terminals, either directly or through the Argentea component installed at the cash desk.

AMoneyGIFT is customizable
to suit your needs

AMoneyGIFT can be integrated
with other AMoney solutions

With AMoneyGIFT,
you have 24/7 telephone support

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